About us

About our company

USA-Panel.net, a Hong Kong-based international corporation, concentrates on providing a wide-range of any application of LCD Panels. We have built up trustworthy relationship with factory and customer over 100 countries around the world. No matter LG, SAMSUNG, AUO, CMO, CPT, SHARP, NEC, TOSHIBA, MITSUBISHI…and so on.

Our company culture

  • Customer-orientation - We provide reliable and tailored services to our global customers.
  • Integrity - We consider quality and safety as our first priority.
  • Excellence - We treat our employees as the most valuable resource.
  • Innovation - We develop cost-efficient solution to enhance our competitiveness.
  • Responsibility - We fulfill our social responsibilities.

Why was we established?

We hope to make the purchase of LCD panel into a simple and easy thing. So we founded USA-Panel.net at 2011. Besides supplying a long-term and stable stock of LCD Panels, we are also good at sourcing hard-to – find items. We do assure you the very best of attention at all times.

USA-Panel Teams look forward to working with you and become your most trustful partner.

Let us work together and do better!